Why Do Doctors Wear Green Or Blue Clothes During Surgery?

November 19, 2021 Off By admin

Scientific reason – If we talk about scientific reason, then the biological formation of our eyes is made in such a way that they are able to see the colors red, green and blue. Yes, human eyes can recognize millions of other colors made from the same mixture of these colors. In such a situation, our eyes can see only the green or blue color better than all these colors. By the way, let us also tell you that red and yellow colors prick the eyes but green or blue color looks cool. Due to this, green and blue color are considered good for the eyes. Green and blue colour basically lie at the opposite of red on the colour wheel.

Green took over the battle as it blends with the green colour illusion and minimizes the glare. The surgeons may also experience certain green illusions after gazing at blood for so long a time. Now, this tends to intensify if his or her co-surgeons wear white overalls as he or she may see distracting green illusions on the white surfaces . Whereas if it’s a color that is a complete opposite to red then, the illusions are greatly reduced. During the 70’s many hospitals did switch to blue, a more soothing color on the eyes.

Many times doctors take several hours to perform one surgery each. In such a situation, their eyes continuously see only red blood for a long time. Because of seeing red color for a long time, there is a lot of emphasis on human eyes. In such a situation, doctors are unable to focus on the operation or surgery. In such an operation, they keep their eyes on red or green or blue clothes during an operation, which gives them a lot of relief.

The sight of red stains of blood over white didn’t go well with many doctors and would perturb them psychologically. By the 1950s, white gave way to shades of green, which produced lesser eye fatigue besides providing a better contrast in the environment. Historically, all medical staff wore white clothing, until one day in 1914 an influential doctor gave up his traditional uniform in favor of a green, and subsequently blue, outfit. Green or blue color is less piercing in our eyes than red and yellow. So that the eyes of the patients living there can be relaxed. Green, and blue are the only satisfactory colours in the theatre.

But things changed when a reputed doctor in 1914 stated that green colour would be easier on surgeon’s eyes during operation. An article in a 1998 issue of “Today’s surgical nurse” had published this incident. After this particular incident, surgeons started wearing green scrubs or blue scrubs officially. Gloves became standard by 1916 and surgical masks became standard by 1920. Not only this but it is also said that during the operation, doctors wear green or blue clothes because they can get into mental stress by constantly looking at the blood and internal organs of the human body. During this time, seeing the green color, his mind gets freed from that tension.

Basically, scrubs are made for surgeons and others to use when purifying themselves before going inside the operation room or doing surgery. The green and blue overall, therefore, provides the surgeons with a visual accuracy enhancing their sensitivity to the different shades of red present in the patient’s blood. This not only helps the surgeons to prevent mistakes during surgery but also to pay more attention to their patient’s anatomy. These colours also prevents eye fatigue, and gives comfort to the eyes during surgery.

However, even during surgery earlier, doctors used to wear only white clothes. But in the year 1914, a well-known senior doctor wore green clothes instead of white during the operation. After seeing the red color for Pharmaceutical uniform hire service a long time, when our eyes fall on the white color, it also starts pricking in the eyes and we see many more colors along with the white color. In such a situation, doctors are unable to concentrate on the operation.