When Did Life Begin On Earth?

February 10, 2021 0 By admin

How long does it take for consciousness to come to life, or is consciousness really alive?

Recently, much has been written in academia about the birth of the universe, the world and life itself, and opinions differ in the same way as scientists looking for answers in space. I will not go into detail in this article about the universal part of the question, as I prefer to refer to distorted notions of the origin of life on Earth or at least of conscious life, and I hope that this will imply the existence of a land that already exists in the inner universe of divine subjectivity.

In fact, you cannot share the beginning of the universe, the world and life in this world or in any other world. I am aware of the difficulties that arise when trying to explain this in terms of time and space, but you need to make an effort and I have to try.

Even with simplifications explanations are the most difficult, because in a broader sense the Earth, the environment and its beings have created each other in the formidable harmony of life, in the wave of consciousness that surpasses the birth of people and all other species. You are looking for answers in terms of time and space under the umbrella of beginning and end, and this search for answers will never be fully understood until you realize that the intervening years, decades, centuries and eons knew very little. related to the origin of life on planet Earth, although you can see it that way. In fact, the universe is created every moment.

These are difficult things, as you have been taught, but there are difficulties that can tire the intelligence of higher-level entities, so be patient, and I will try to make it somewhat understandable.

To get the basis for this article, I’ll include “dictionary” definitions of what “life” really is.


Life is a condition that distinguishes organisms from inorganic objects.

Life is an organism that manifests itself in growth through metabolism, reproduction and the ability to adapt to the environment through internal changes.

Life is a state of existence or a principle of existence that is considered to belong to the soul, the general or universal state of human existence.

Well, that should start us.

One of the biggest challenges in understanding the origin of life on planet Earth is first to determine the origin of the Earth itself and to determine exactly what is alive and what is not. There is some truth in the above definitions, but they are far from true, as they only see life from a human point of view.

One of the main misconceptions stems from the misconception that consciousness arose from an accidental but favorable coincidence of the exact ratios required for chemicals, minerals and electrical charges from environmental sources, combined into a hypothetical primary basin in the form of a boiler on an existing landscape, which would lead to the formation of elementary proteins that, one way or another, came to life biologically and consciously.

And that’s the problem with this erroneous concept. Such a scenario simply could not be, because consciousness always comes first and is the creator of matter. In this case, consciousness had to create land, environment and chemicals, minerals and electrical charges before what already existed could exist.

Consciousness creates matter on the earthly plane and other types of quasi-material in other systems of reality that are not directed at physical structures, such as the system of earthly reality.

Consciousness is an environment that propels energy into matter and matter back into energy. If you don’t believe me, ask Einstein. Life on Earth was born or created not because of a random earthly event, but because of a subjective creative act, an enlightening and inspiring breakthrough of consciousness that encompasses the Earth, the universe and all other plans, fields and dimensions with other dimensions, plans and dimensions. at the same time he created all the creatures and creatures on Earth and all these manifestations of what is commonly called living matter.

And this, my friends, is the best part of this introductory story. Consciousness is alive and self-aware as a particle, personality, wave or force, whether it is occupied by the physical body or not, and of course I cannot prove it to you with physical facts, but you will surely know it. After your death, when the physical body becomes more adapted to the new environment in which you find yourself.

Your dream self exists and has no physical presence as you know it. Life does not require physical presence. Because of your unique type of physical concentration, it would be pointless for me to try to convince you that the existence of a self-aware non-physical psychological entity was and is still alive, but if you want to return it to its original state the source, the consciousness of God, or this source of energy has always existed and has not had a beginning, if you understand the beginning.

But today we will have to be content with seeing the beginning of life as the beginning of “physical life” on the “physical land.”

There are as many kinds of consciousness as physical matter, whether you are alive or not, that make up the Earth, and all these myriads of consciousnesses to a certain extent possess self-awareness, some more than others.

In other words, they are aware of their individual state. Because consciousness creates physical matter and then becomes part of its creations, the body of the earth, the sky, the oceans, mountains, plateau and all other physical things, including you, have been created by consciousness, and there is a ‘living’ consciousness in it. in all physical. Without exception. Many people have for some time suspected that the body of the Earth has its own consciousness, and this is true. (You may consider this type of consciousness alive, or you may not)..

Consciousness is ALIVE and just as effective, whether it is in the physical body or not. Consciousness creates matter and becomes part of the matter that creates it, so by working in the opposite direction, consciousness and life reside in God, entities, souls, earthly personalities, animals, environment, nature, stones, water, clouds and everything else. substances and masses that you call objects.