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This non-toxic candle brand uses a lead-free cotton wick primed with vegetable based wax and premium grade fragrance oil. These eco-conscious candles do not have any added dyes or chemicals. I’ve had a few 228 Grant Street candles in my home and I think my favorite scent is the Wild Blackberry + Absinthe. Pure Plant Home candles are made with 100% coconut wax, scented with essential oils only and poured over an unbleached cotton wick.

These candles are made from more natural ingredients like soy and beeswax, which might be easier on the airways and produce less indoor air pollution when burned. These small-batch candles are hand-poured using a blend of coconut vegetable wax and essential oils, with no petrochemicals, synthetic fragrance, artificial dyes or colorants. Most candles found in the marketplace today are made from paraffin wax. Paraffin candles are the cheapest candles available, which accounts for their popularity. A waste product of the petroleum industry, paraffin is a sludge-like substance which burns readily.

They’re made with 100% cotton wicks, coconut-soy wax and the glass containers are perfect for repurposing later. They’re made with soy wax, a cotton wick and 100% pure essential oil fragrances. This Goop exclusive may have a surprising name, but there’s nothing shocking about its ingredients list. These clean burning coconut and soy candles are a stunning addition to any decor. This fragrance inspires a drive up the coastline, with notes of lemon, eucalyptus, jasmine, fresh marine lily-white florals, and driftwood.

Pure, organic oils can give you the same aromatherapy benefits as scented candles, and you can choose and blend your own scents. These 100 percent pure beeswax candles are made sans chemical processing, they’re nontoxic, and not made with oils, making for an environmentally safe, biodegradable burn. They’re not scented, but do have the natural flavors of honey and floral nectar within them, and give off a subtle smell. They’re a good option for anyone with allergies who needs an unscented, natural candle option. Hand poured in the USA, these eco-friendly, soy wax candles come in basic clear tumblers, and last a long time, thanks to the slow-burning wick—that is 100 percent cotton.

They are also non-allergenic and can help soothe the symptoms of hay fever, asthma and allergy sufferers. Beeswax is also derived from a sustainable natural source, unlike paraffin. They use 100% pure beeswax, made in British Columbia, Canada. The company sells a variety of candles that range fruity scented candles from ornamental to taper to traditional pillars and votives. Most of the candles are unscented carrying a natural honey scent while the Essentials Line feature a variety of scents perfumed from 100% pure essential oils. Essential oils are a healthy alternative for scenting candles.

In contrast, the soot from paraffin candles contains carcinogens and other toxic chemicals. Baxter California started as a natural skincare brand for men. The candle designer Marc Atlan created a wonderful series of three candles with distinct woodsy scents. The “flammable” White Wood Number Two candle has notes of bergamot, mandarin, mission fig, santalum, and vetiver. The simple and elegant container can be cleaned out and used as storage for make-up brushes or other toiletries.

The Environmental Protection Agency even released a report stating scented candles made with paraffin, contaminated oils, synthetic fragrance, and lead wicks are big-time sources of indoor air pollution. A lot of scented candles are made with made from paraffin, a petroleum byproduct. IQ Air reports that to create paraffin, petroleum waste is chemically bleached, deodorized and made into wax. When burned, paraffin wax can release toxic volatile organic compounds into the air including acetone, benzene and toluene, which are known carcinogens. These are the same chemicals found in diesel fuel emissions and are known to cause allergies, asthma attacks and skin problems. Improve the indoor air quality in your home by making the switch to non-toxic soy, beeswax or coconut-based candles scented with pure essential oils or phthalate-free fragrance.

A 2009 study from South Carolina University revealed that burning scented candles releases harmful toxins and chemicals in the air. Burning artificial scents, paraffin wax, and lead wicks releases toxins that can lead to allergies, headaches, and even the development of cancer. Some of the toxins found in scented candles are also found in diesel fuel, paint, lacquer, and nail polish remover!

Mind Body Green recommends Lite + Cycle candles for several reasons, such as being 100% non-GMO American grown soy wax featuring unbleached cotton wick. They are also a great option if you want a scented candle, since they are made from 100% pure essential oils. Look for fragrances like in urban forest, bergamot, vetiver, sage, and lavender. Scented and aromatherapy candles are not always the safest way to introduce fragrances into the air as candles burn. The fragrance oils soften the wax as it burns, resulting in the wax not burning cleanly. This releases soot which can contain carcinogens, neurotoxins and reproductive toxins.