Solving The Shortage Of Construction Work Through Ingenuity

November 21, 2021 Off By admin

Timesheet Mobile solutions are used by thousands of people around the world, in a variety of industries such as construction, transportation, healthcare and many others. From the spring of 2022, Georgia Highlands will join Purdue as one of the few schools in the country to offer courses at BIM and VDC. Both programs offer lessons on a wide range of construction-related topics and teach students how to build projects digitally using 3D modeling technologies, which is expected to be the way of the future.

As the pandemic spread rapidly across all countries, it affected labor supply, which inadvertently led to a greater shortage of available labor. Many construction sites are closed and construction projects have been delayed due to lack of labor, supply and budgets. By automating your current preventive maintenance schedules, you reduce machine downtime, increase the productivity of your staff and help reduce working hours.

And yet, the Wall Street Journal reported this summer that more than a third of contractors have said they are forced to turn down the job. And 73 percent of companies reported difficulties in finding skilled workers. Due to labor shortages, construction projects are built more expensive and slower.

This can have a direct and indirect impact on the type of potential employees who become candidates for your company. Having employee profiles that link to your social media accounts also shows a greater sense of accessibility and connection, traits that commercial construction collaboration tool young people draw to. Post company news, updates and share it on social media and other platforms such as your company’s blog, newsletter or even industry blogs. This increases the visibility of the company and can reach a larger number of applicants.

More than 79% of construction companies are short of workers and actively try to hire new talents. Today’s construction workers retire, and millennials, who seek office work more often than previous generations, do not replace this aging workforce. Another consequence of the shortage of skilled workers is the decrease in quality and productivity.

The AGCA survey found that 42 percent of respondents will increase their IT investments in 2019. But mobile technology should be at the top of the list because it can drastically increase productivity. Construction companies can reduce the time and costs associated with recruiting, tracking down and hiring new employees by working with a personnel agency. For easy access to general labor on your construction site, contact PeopleReady today.