Plasma Life Forms – Aliens From a Parallel Earth

February 10, 2021 0 By admin

basic theory of plasma metaphysics in 3 to 1 dimensions

According to the theory of dark plasma, the physically dense Earth is bound by gravity with the analogue of dark matter, consisting of low-density plasma. About 4.6 billion years ago, this “sister” Earth was cultivated together with the physically dense Earth from the components of dark matter in the embryonic solar system. Plasma life forms evolved on this copy of the Earth, as well as on a visible planet. These life forms were as diverse in scale, structure and intelligence as carbon forms of life – as different as a whale microbe; Tiger mosquito; Crocodile giraffe; ant man. Their level of intelligence and consciousness was as different as the consciousness of the centipede from the consciousness and intelligence of Homo sapiens. Homo sapiens developed a carbon-based body that formed a symbiotic relationship with some of these plasma life forms (which indicates a type of symbiogenesis). Some of these plasma life forms have interacted with us (intentionally or not) in the past.

The entities that we have identified as ghosts, angels, demons, gods (e.g. Marian phenomena in the atmosphere), aliens (associated with UFO sightings in the atmosphere), fairies, observations of recently deceased people (on the Earth’s surface) and balls of light that seem to pass through physical barriers (not shrinking) are plasma life forms of this earthly analogue.

Properties of bioplasmic bodies

Plasma life forms have bioplasmatic bodies. These are electromagnetic bodies that generate electromagnetic fields and emit electromagnetic waves. Inside these bioplasmic bodies are “plasma antennas” that can be configured and receive electromagnetic waves generated by other bioplasmic bodies. (Plasma antennas are now used in scientific laboratories.) According to the theory of black plasma, the bodies of plasma life forms that we face are shaped by our expectations emitted by our own bioplasma bodies in the form of waves. Electromagnetic and obtained by them through their design.

Psychokinetic effects have a much greater effect on bioplasmatic bodies than physically dense bodies. The reason is that the total resting weight of the bioplasmic body is much smaller than that of a physically dense body. Extremely low resting weight can also give bioplasmic bodies a more pronounced macroquantic effect (compared to macroscopic objects in our universe) due to Broil’s ratio.

According to the theory of dark plasma, bioplasmatic bodies (dark matter) consist of complex plasma non-standard particles. Non-standard particles are particles outside the standard model of physicists, which are part of dark matter – matter, which in the known universe is six times larger than ordinary matter.

The bodies of bioplasm, consisting of non-standard particles, glow in the dark, emitting heat, light and other electromagnetic waves that can be measured with our scientific instruments, such as radars or even infrared cameras, when ordinary matter condenses around them. They also have other properties associated with these types of physique. Common characteristics of plasma life forms include:

  • They emit light (they don’t just reflect)
  • They are thermochromic (i.e. change color at different temperatures)
    “They create colored auras and halos when high-energy particles collide with them.
    ” They can change the degree of opacity – become transparent or translucent. Consequently, they can materialize and dematerialize.
    ” They generate electromagnetic fields and emit electromagnetic waves.
  • They react to electromagnetic fields and waves and can experience an electric sensation when passing through our body.
  • In their body there are networks of wire tokens.
  • There may be double spiral currents aligned on the longest axis of their body.
    — They have rotating holes that suck up and emit high-energy particles.
    “They can emit high-energy particles from these holes.
  • Their shapes can be different (so they can change shape), but the most stable form is the sphere of light.