How Earth Energy (Gaia) Can Heal You

February 10, 2021 0 By admin

In recent years, my interest in energy healing has changed dramatically. Like many healers and meditation practitioners, for decades I have mostly used cosmic energy or vitality, which enters through the chakra of the mind and the crown, and then enters the body through the chakras system.

Mother Earth

But there is another source of healing or concentration, and in literally the last year or so it has become a potential healing force. I am referring to our own Mother Earth when we entered the golden age of Gaia, the goddess of the Earth.

As for energy, there have been huge changes on Earth and in the energy networks that are both around and within the planet, supporting the ascending evolution of life.

To be complete, the path to enlightenment or ascension must now include a connection with Gaia. To maintain the higher levels of consciousness available now, we must be able to integrate these higher energies into our physical body. We must spiritualize our physical essence if we are to experience greater bliss, vitality, well-being, and unity. This is what I often call “divine man,” allowing more of our divinity to reside in our humanity.

The good news is that now Gaia can fully lift us up. Until 2012, many lightworkers and meditators chose to get out of the crown chakra (the top of the head) and connect only with cosmic energy, because the Earth and all matter (including our body) seemed too dense and heavy. This is no longer the case, as many other healers and visionaries have pointed out. Thanks to all the combined healing efforts of lightworkers around the world, the essence of the Earth or Gaia has been awakened in the realms of higher dimensions.

We had a personal experience of this phenomenal shift in the middle of my first course of Divine Humanity in 2012. It was as if the Divine Consciousness, embodied to take on the role of creating a home for humanity, had been freed from the chains of lower vibrating energies.

We had a personal experience of this phenomenal shift in the middle of my first course of Divine Humanity in 2012. It was as if the Divine Consciousness, embodied to take on the role of creating a home for humanity, had been freed from the chains of lower vibrating energies. fear, distrust, greed, abuse of power, which have been the norm for centuries and which have finally been liberated and expanded, and we have all felt the incredible “lightness of being”.

How does healing with earthly energy work?

Earth’s energy is a natural, subtle form of electrical energy that plays an important role in sustaining life. We are all made up of elements of the Earth. Our organs, bones, tissues and our entire cellular structure are made up of vitamins and minerals that vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts, seeds and herbs give us when we eat them.

At the most basic level, healing with earthly energy occurs naturally when you receive energy from the earth. Energy will flow through the energy channels of your body, through the human energy field and chakras. When energy flows through your body, you experience a sense of balance and well-being. Often it’s the first energy technique I teach, it’s called grounding, and it works for both pets and humans.

When the earth’s energy is blocked

Most of the positive energy in our body consists of earth energy and cosmic energy. Earth’s energy helps restore the flow of energy through your body, allowing you to heal yourself. It is generated by the planet and contains a strong, rich vibration that helps you feel balanced in your physical self and emotionally connected to life.

When this energy is blocked or insufficient, the body may be ill-health, poor health and even disease. Stress and anxiety are two psychological problems that arise when the balance of positive energy in our body is disturbed. Lack of earthly energy can cause a sense of fantasy or a feeling of inefficiency in the world and can even lead to depression.

How can I get more earth energy for healing?

Anyone can do healing with earthly energy. It is a method of self-healing in which you use the energy of the Earth to activate positive energy to heal yourself and feel more satisfied. Earth’s energy is considered an important spiritual energy force and can be obtained directly from the Earth or any form of life entrenched on Earth, such as trees or animals, and even crystals.

You can get the energy of the earth by incorporating certain exercises into your daily life. Here are some ways to get the earth’s energy for healing:

Greet the earth and the whole of nature with love, compassion and gratitude
Standing barefoot on the ground, the energy of the earth penetrates into your feet.
The energy of the Earth will move from feet to feet to restore balance and revitalize your entire body.

You can also visualize the grounding cord or tube connecting the base of your spine (1st Chakra) directly to the center of the Earth.

To strengthen the healing power one step further, add a conscious intention: “I fully connect to the central portal of Mother Earth and draw into my being the energy of the golden light, which supports all life on the highest vibration. What is now possible I let go (through the grounding tube) any emotions, thoughts, or feelings that no longer serve my Higher Good on Mother Earth, so that they will be transformed now.

This should almost immediately make you feel lighter, focus and get energy. And this is only the beginning of the healing power of the Mother of the Earth without taking!

The alchemist of energy. Sensitive, intuitive. A mystical animal. Master healer. EarthKeeper. A channel of divine wisdom. The world-renowned spiritual mentor exclaimed, “Kumari’s purpose is to teach the skill of teachers; his master of meditation described his extraordinary healing powers as a “golden gift.”

Kumari lives in a world where direct communication with spiritual worlds, animals and all nature is the norm. Her greatest joy is to let others feel that all creation is Conscious. She teaches with a practical and playful spirit that is disarmingly powerful, entirely based on the knowledge that everyone can awaken to this magical memory.