God’s Plan for the Earth

February 10, 2021 0 By admin

I am happy to bring a doctrine that will finally change your mind and inspire you to take a new step in your spiritual journey. It will be a series with reference to my book “I am a vine and you are branches”. I took the doctrine from the 15th chapter of the Bible from John.

I’m a vine, and you’re a branch.

John 15: 5

To be saved and live in the reality of these divine words of Christ, we must begin by discovering the source and purpose of the vine, our Lord Jesus Christ. However, we must take into account the function of the soil on which the vine is planted. This is because until we truly understand the purpose for which God created the earth, we will miss the whole whole of the vine – Jesus Christ.

Jesus began an amazing metaphorical teaching about the vine and branches with the words: “I am the true vine, and My Father is a vineyard” (John 15: 1).

Although we will return to this verse in our study, I want to say that the vine needed land to plant it. Again, it is good to know that the vine was planted not in space or in the sky, but on the ground. Father, who is a farmer, had a plot of land called “Earth” and he only wanted to plant his own vineyard there. He wanted to see the vine, the shadow that the vine had created on the ground, and the planted fruit that the vine had produced on the branches of the earth. .

Understanding the purpose of the land

It is important to remember that God had a special purpose in creating the earth. Isaiah told us that “God himself created and created the earth; He installed it, not created it in vain… (Isaiah 45:18). This means that God did not create the earth because he did nothing or for nothing. At the same time, he had a special purpose.

According to the first verse of the Book of Genesis, God created heaven and earth. So heaven is a spiritual kingdom inhabited by God and celestial beings – angels. Earth is a physical world in which plants, animals and people live. This is not enough to know God’s intention in the creation of the earth.

A careful study of the book of Revelation clearly shows that the presence of God is present in every corner of the sky. Heaven is ultimately inhabited by the presence of God and is influenced by His will. Again, heaven is the place where God sits on the throne. This means that the presence and reign of God is constantly in heaven.

We could say:

1) Heaven is busy with the presence of God

2) Heaven is completely under the control of God.

This means that heaven is a kingdom ruled by God as king. But don’t forget that Heaven is a spiritual world.

However, God intended to have a physical world in which His presence and government reigned, as in heaven. God wanted a physical world in which his spiritual rule would manifest itself physically. This is God’s plan for the earth. God wanted the land to be endowed with His presence and governed by his decrees. God needs a physical world that is a copy of heaven governed by his will and sovereignty.

These intentions were hidden in God’s statement about the creation of man. God said, “And God said, let us create man in our image, in our likeness, and may they reign over the fish of the sea and birds of heaven and over the cattle and over the whole earth.” and on all the reptiles crawling on the ground ” (Genesis 1:26)

While man must be a physical support for establishing God’s plan for the earth, the earth must be covered with two things, namely:

1.) The Image of God

2) Government of God

This means that the earth was created primarily for the management or management under the rule of God – the rule in His image. For this purpose, however, God created the man he had wrapped in his way and gave him the power to establish his power over the earth. Simply put, God wished the earth to be filled with His image and governed by His system of government.


These intentions of God regarding the earth are clearly visible in the teachings of the vine and branches. Like any other tree, the vine performs two important functions: the formation of the tree crown and the production of fruit.

From an agronomic point of view, the canopy is a place where the tree covers itself, spreading branches and leaves, creating a shadow under the tree. Every time you look at a tree, a dark shadow is created under the canopy. This shadow means the presence of a tree through it; the tree dominates the territory and also determines the actions in it.

Along with the shadow, the tree creates a so-called microclimate. Thanks to this microclimate, the tree determines the temperature, humidity, condition and circulation of the air, soil pigmentation and microbial activity under it. In fact, through the shadows he controls all activity in a depressed environment.

It’s the same with our vineyard. The land on which He is planted has its own microclimate (albeit spiritual), as God intended. Remember that the earth will be clothed and governed by the presence and reign of God. In the Book of Genesis, the position of the earth (the Garden of Eden) on which man lived was placed under the presence and authority of God. It’s the same with the part on which the vine is planted.


Jesus said, “I am a true vine, and My Father is a vineyard.” This means that the Father is the source, owner and gardener of the vineyard. Jesus had a source, and his source is God the Father. He said this when he said to the people of his time the following words: “Everything that the Father gives me will come to me; and anyone who comes to me, I will not be banished at all. For I came down from heaven not for myself, but for the will of the Sent Me” (John 5: 37-38).

The vine is not planted. He was planted by the Father with the aim that through him God would create a spiritual climate of his presence throughout the earth and at the same time bear fruit through the branches that will affirm his rule and reveal his nature, his personality. fame and character. However, it had to be done physically.