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Deep blue didn’t look “jump” blue, but it was enough to improve the color of my eyes. Thank you very much for the answer and advice. I’ll try urban decay tomorrow, but for now tattoo eyeliner Makeup Forever is doing it and I love it. The first approach is to use colors to create drama and more intensity. While the second approach is to use colors to create harmony.

I have to do my eyeshadow for the base because I inevitably get EVERYTHING. Mix your old dry and worn masks, because this new MAC product will surprise you. With just one or two strokes you will see length, volume and thickness of the counterfeit level. We tend to get excited when we discover an infinitely portable tone.

For drama we use the color wheel to determine colors. For harmony, focus on using a mirror to see which colors are most obvious in your iris by nature. Normally you need an oil-based makeup remover to remove this type of stubborn pigmented makeup.

Increase the volume and length of your lashes and go from medium to delicious in just a few taps of wands. Find the perfect formula for your tab needs. Look at beautiful, defined eyes with COVERGIRL eye makeup To ensure that our judges consider only the best eye makeup, we asked a panel of dermatologists about the main ingredients to look for and avoid them based on skin type.

Eyeshadow, eyeliner, eyebrow and mascara collections designed to transform your appearance. If you look closely at the iris in addition to the blue one, you will see gray or silver tones. One way to make your eyes look brighter is to play with those shades with light gray or silver for the eyeshadow. And for eyes that are naturally icy blue or steel blue, adding a gray lining can really emphasize further.

Take care of your lashes and it is suitable for sensitive eyes. The ultra-soft brush leaves tabs soft, flexible and direct voluminous. Then use a lighter, more neutral eyeshadow pigment to dust off your spine. Here you can also use a glossy finish or whipped cream.

I heat before I make the second eye, so that the curl lasts the same amount of time in both eyes. I no longer use shadows because I find them too complicated to mix and they tend to make my eyes look swollen. Now I only use Laura Mercier’s basic linen eye concepts that match the color of my lid and add a little to light up the inner corners and debris. Sometimes the mascara formula is also too wet and you can find it by marking your lids.