Earthing: This May Be the Best Discovery of the 21st Century!

February 10, 2021 0 By admin

The elders fell in love with the land. They sat down on the ground, feeling close to their mother’s power. The skin touched the ground, and the old men liked to take off their moccasins and walk barefoot on sacred ground. The earth was soothing, invigorating, cleansing and healing.
Oma Ute (Standing Luther Bear)

In the course of evolution, people walked barefoot, slept on the ground and received natural, nutritious and soft electrical energy from the ground. You may have felt it walking barefoot on a sandy beach – a sense of well-being. This sensation is the electrical energy of the earth rising in your body, the result of the contact of the skin of your conductive body with the “skin” of the conductive earth.

Our modern way of life increasingly separates man from this subtle and pervasive flow of surface energy. Today we wear insulating shoes with a rubber or plastic sole that blocks the flow, unlike in the 1960s, when we all wore shoes with leather soles. In other words, we lose good negative electrons when we wear shoes with a rubber sole. Our ancestors and people living in third world countries were/living on earth – they did not wear/wear shoes and ate raw food. The good thing is that our body accumulates electrons (from the ground) and supplies electrons from damage. Studies show that it is the reduction of our telomes (at the bottom of our DNA) that causes aging.

Dr. Gerald Pollock argues that grounding structures water in our bodies in such a way that there is a negative transfer of electrons in the cell membrane. That’s why it’s so important to maintain proper hydration, because when we’re dehydrated, we run out of electrons. Water relieves headache, not painkillers. The addition of the Co-10 is a donor of electrons. If you are flying in a plane, it is recommended to take off your shoes and socks and put your feet on the support of the seat – it will secure you.

Studies show that this energy causes clear and inspiring changes in our physiology. It promotes health, vitality and better night sleep; harmonizes and stabilizes the basic biological rhythms of the body; Destroys (and even eliminates) chronic inflammation; and reduces/eliminates pain.

These revelations are the central themes of the new book Grounding. Over the years, the research has been conducted by Stephen Sinatra, M.D., a renowned integrator cardiologist, and Clint Obirom, an amazing man who discovered the health benefits of reconnecting with earth.

Dark-field microscopic images of blood taken from three people who were present at Dr. Sinatra’s place just before and after forty minutes of grounding showed before and after the images before and after. The images clearly show the sharp thinning and detachment (without aggregation) of blood cells.

Low LDL cholesterol thickens the blood, so it is important to increase the level of HDL of the person, because it thins the blood. We need both types of cholesterol in our body (although doctors can say otherwise) for brain function, healthy prostate, etc.

Dr. Sinatra was initially skeptical of grounding. Now he describes this discovery as the most exciting breakthrough in health care he has faced in more than 30 years of work in medicine. It is a very simple, convenient, effective and cost-effective way to treat common diseases and pain problems, as well as improve people’s health. In the field of cardiology, Sinatra says that he promises to relieve arrhythmia, lower blood pressure, blood viscosity (to fix blood by improving the zeta-potential, that is, increase the amount of energy between red blood cells), the flow of energy and the production of heart cells. . And grounding increases the zeta potential by an average of 280%; “It’s an incredible discovery,” says Dr. Sinatra, “because if we can thin the blood naturally by fixing the ground, we can fight disease. (i.e. any disease that requires adequate tissue oxygenation).

Free electrons from Earth take about 80 minutes to reach the bloodstream and convert your blood. High blood pressure is thick blood, so grounding is very important for the brain. A diet high in sugar, smoking, radiofrequency, other toxic electromagnetic forces, emotional stress, anxiety and high uric acid content makes your blood hypercoagulated (i.e. thicker and slower moves) with an increased risk of blood clots or stroke.

Stand on the floor during yoga classes or exercises/squats, sprints, etc., as this will slow down the onset of muscle pain (caused by inflammation). Grounding allows abundant free electrons to penetrate the body, which is electrically conductive. Grounding, which improves ATP (like good nutrition), has been recognized as the best method of pain relief in controlled trials. Whenever we provide electrons to produce ATP (energy), ATP can not only rejuvenate cells, but also revitalize and restore cells using raw materials. However, fructose (many in fruits) and high fructose corn syrup (in commercial products) destroy ATP.

Lift up your healings, and next to your thumb is the acupuncture point K1 – it is most beneficial for obtaining free electrons. Dr. Sinatra stated that it would be good for traders to take off their shoes within the first 30 minutes of the day and that they would not have body pain. Concrete is a good guide, but gravel is not. It is best to walk barefoot in ocean water, wet sand or morning dew on grass as they push electrons through the body.

Grounding is understood to show significant health benefits from contact with the Earth’s natural surface energy. Contact is as simple as walking outside barefoot, sitting inside, working or sleeping on the ground with carbon or silver wires that direct the Earth’s energy. This allows you to sleep “on the ground” in your bed. The floor or table and the lining of the keyboard allow you to work or rest on the ground (preventing wrist canal or wrist tendonitis); and standard medical Velcro and Tepes for ECG grounding attached to body parts are used to treat local pain and inflammation. If your knee hurts, just stand on the grass for 30 minutes.

The wires around our bed, in the wall behind our bed, even when the bedside lamp is off, emit electricity and electric blankets generate electricity.