Concrete Contractors

November 19, 2021 Off By admin

We also specialize in decorative concrete installation and concrete repairs. Being known as a reputable concrete contractor by our Sioux Falls area clients is important to us, and a title we work hard to preserve. Licensing and insurance requirements can vary by locality so check with your city or county building department to find out what they require a concrete contractor to have before working in their jurisdiction. Even if you get a price break, don’t allow a contractor without proper credentials to do any work on your project. It can lead to problems with building inspections and may even cause an issue with your homeowner’s insurance carrier.

So, when you’re ready to install concrete surfaces, it’s wise to look for an experienced commercial contractor that can deliver top-notch results. We suggest developing a list of concrete contractors in the Sioux Falls area. An internet search or looking through your phone book’s yellow pages will provide you with a few names. Your first call should be to a local, ready-mix concrete supplier or two. Ask them who their two or so best contractor customers are to work on your type of project (small or large driveway, decorative concrete, parking area, etc.). Then contact those names to see if they can give you an estimate or quote for the job.

If they pretend that these certifications do not matter, you should probably walk away and find another company to handle your project. Official certifications proves that the contractor has met industry training standards, knows how to work safely, and is legally allowed to work in your area. An unlicensed contractor may not be aware of important building codes and this could increase the long-term costs of your project significantly.

If you’re wondering why it matters to hire an experienced team of professionals, here’s a quick overview of how commercial concrete contractors benefit you. Once you’ve narrowed down your contractor list to a few that perform the kind of work you’re looking for, seek out estimates and then compare them to each other. If one company’s bid is Decorative Concrete Suppliers drastically lower than the rest, try to find out why. Exceedingly low estimates can mean the contractor uses inferior products or doesn’t do the necessary prep work for a quality finish. If the quotes are fairly close and the references are all good, then you can narrow the list down again based on who can get to your project the quickest.

For example, if you need to have a driveway slab laid down, make sure the contractor you hire has done concrete driveway installations in the past. Asking for proof of insurance is extremely important, but some people looking to have concrete work done forget to ask or don’t look closely at their contract. The first, liability insurance, protects your property from potential damages. This insurance protects you from a lawsuit if a crew member gets injured while on your property. There are many reputable concrete companies out there, but there are some that do not operate with the best practices in mind. Here are some questions to ask your concrete contractor before you hire them to start your project.